The Statewide Health Promotion Program supports community-based programs that improve the health of North Carolinians by reducing the incidence of chronic diseases. Funds are distributed to health promotion programs in local health departments throughout the state to work with community partners in creating policy changes and environmental supports addressing at least one of the three major chronic disease risk factors in physical inactivity, poor diet, and tobacco use.

Poor diet, physical inactivity and tobacco use are behaviors contributing to the leading preventable causes of death in North Carolina and are known risk factors for chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

The Toe River Health District's Health Promotion and Health Education Program strives to provide quality education programs for health department patients and the community at large for Avery and Mitchell, Counties.

The focus of our Health Promotion and Health Education Program is to build a healthier community, promote healthful living, and reduce the risk of disease

To achieve our objectives, we actively join forces with members from community organizations and agencies to provide a variety of quality programs.

Our Health Promotion Programs Include:

  •  Tobacco cessation, prevention, and control programs for adults and youth
  •  Physical activity education and promotion for all ages
  •  Policy and Environmental changes to support healthy eating and physically active lifestyles
  •  School health programs
  •  Preschool/Childcare Center programs for nutritional and physical activity

We invite you to contact us about program opportunities.

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