Child & Teen Health

Toe River's child and teen health clinic offers medical care that is specifically designed for children. This can include preventative care, such as regular check-ups and immunizations, as well as treatment for illnesses and injuries. Our child & teen health care providers are trained to address the unique health needs of children, and to provide care in a way that is sensitive to their emotional and developmental needs.

Our Children Are Our Most Precious Resources

Services We Provide For Children & Teens Include:
  • Well child physicals
  • Sick visits
  • Developmental Screenings
  • Dental Varnishings
  • School-aged and sports physicals
  • WIC food and nutrition program

Our Child & Teen Health Clinic Plays a Vital Role in Ensuring that Children Have the Best Possible Start in Life

By providing accessible and affordable care, the Child Health Clinic at Toe River Health helps prevent and manage illnesses that can have a significant impact on a child’s health and development. Additionally, our clinic provides parents with important information and support to help them make informed decisions about their child’s health and wellbeing.

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